About Acro

Our History

We have become the leading manufacturer of fixed and adjustable roof brackets, roofing guardrail safety systems, ladder accessories, scaffold brackets, spud/scraper bars, and asphalt roofing equipment.

1992 – Acro Building Systems began inĀ  as a division of Acro Metal Stamping Company which was founded in Milwaukee, WI in 1940.

1995 – Acro Invents the 19″ Contractor Bracket

1996 – Acro Develops the Residential Guardrail System “Roof Bracket with Post”

2001 – Acro Develops the Johnny Jack Material Staging System

2005 – Acro Invents Flat Roof Guardrail System with Leave behind Plate

2010 – Acro Invents Swivel Head for Ladder Ridge Hooks

2011 – Acro Invests Rake Edge Residentail Bracket that Interleaves with Shingles

2012 – Acro Invents Vertical Surface Guardrail System