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$1,000 For Contractor Testimonials

We’re looking for some success stories and other testimonials from our Roofing Professional Customers.  If you can send us why you love our products or an instance where they really helped and we use it on our website; we’ll send you $1,000 worth of our products (your choice).  Please email or simply post a […]

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Win Free Roof Brackets For Survey Response

Please fill out the survey below to be entered into a drawing with participants from the 2016 International Roofing Expo to be one of 10 winners for a free box of roof brackets of your choice. Recently we’ve been making custom roof brackets with additional “Tear-Drop” or “Key-Hole” holes for a few distributors on the […]

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Do You Need Toeboards on Guardrails

Our Customers are Always Asking Us: “Do I Need to Use Toe Boards With The Guardrails?” Our Short Answer is: “No On Low Slope Edges, Yes Everywhere Else.” It is our interpretation of the OSHA regulations that the Toeboard is not an integral part of a guardrail for fall protection purposes on Low Slope Edges but […]

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Vertical Guardrail System Perfect for Wall Tip Up

Initially designed for being fixtured on the outside of parapet walls to allow clearance for cap replacement; we are constantly amazed by new uses for this versatile system. Imagine setting up a fall protection system that leaves everyone free to work and doesn’t have to be moved or get in the way. Skylights, Elevator Shafts, Stairwells, Open […]

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Draghi Sales to Cover Southwest

With the Retirement of Marc Bush, ACRO Building Systems is proud to announce Draghi Sales is now representing its full product line in Arizona & Nevada. Eric and Pete bring nearly 40 years of experience selling products in the roofing and building materials industry . Please click the links below for information on their new offering of American […]

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Why Build Your Own Wood Stantions?

Why Start From Scratch Every time, When Acro Has The Solution? PAYS FOR ITSELF IN UNDER SEVEN JOBS RE-USABLE IN ANY ENVIRONMENT 100% OSHA COMPLIANT COVERED BY PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE SAVES SET UP TIME AND LUMBER COSTS How many times have you walked around a jobsite and seen guardrails constructed of 2x4s and angle cut pieces […]

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