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When do I need fall protection?  OSHA rules state whenever someone is working 6′ or more above a lower level, an employer must provide either harnesses, safety nets or guardrails.
How do I comply with OSHA fall protection in a construction setting?   OSHA rules state whenever working 6′ or more above a lower level; harnesses, safety nets or guardrails are required.
Do I have to wear a harness if I use guardrails under the new OSHA regulations?   No.  Any one of the 3 solutions can fully cover by themselves
When is fall protection not necessary?   OSHA states that a written fall protection plan may be used instead of harnesses, safety nets or guardrails; when using those devises would present a greater danger.
How Can I Follow OSHA Fall Protection regulations without wearing a harness Under OSHA Fall Protection regulations there are 3 systems for fall protection: Harnesses, Guardrails & Safety nets. 
How Can I keep my employees OSHA Compliant When I can’t watch them?  Take the responsibility of compliance out of your workers hands by using guardrails instead of harnesses. Once guardrails are set up; they cover everyone
What’s the best way to build a temporary guardrail system at a construction site? Acro has a variety of guardrail solutions for every environment. Why build your own vertical stantions when you can use Acro’s Steel stantions. They are re-usable, portable and most importantly safe.
Why is “Passive Fall Protection” or “Fall Prevention” better than “Active Fall Protection”? link
How many guardrails do I need? The total number of guardrails needed depends on the size of area which requires fall protection.  On steep slope roofs, OSHA requires that all edges be protected.  One guardrail post is required every 8′.  Acro’s Residentail Starter Systme (#12079) contains 24 eave edge brackets & 16 rake edge brackets; which covers 88’x44′.
Do I have to guardrail the entire roofline? Other forms of fall protection can be used in conjunction with guardrails.  Under OSHA’s slat roof regulations, both warning lines and safety monitors may be used in areas where working near the edge is not required.
Do I have to put guardrails on the rake edges of steep slope roofs? Yes, OSHA says there is no safe distance from an open edge
Do the guardrails get in the way when roofing? Acro’s Guardrail systems are designed to be moved durring the roofing process without having to take the entire system down.  Acro’s Residential guardrail systems are designed to be nailed on and tapped out like roof brackets (they even interleave with shingles)
What 2 new features were added to the 12090 in 2012 Thumbs screw to adjust post height.  Replaced cotter pin w/ reverse locking nut to attach “washer bar”.
How do you “secure” the 21000 warning line system With 20+ lbs of weight (cinder block / sand bag / etc.) or fastening it to the surface with screws / nails
What Guardrail Systems are used in residential / steep slope environments 12070, 12075 on roofs.  12045, 12060 around holes and edges
What Guardrail Systems are used in Commerical / flat roof environments 12045, 12060, 12090 on roofs, holes and edges
What is the OSHA Height Requirement for the top rail 42″ +/- 3″
What is the OSHA weight requirement for the top rail 200 lbs
What is the maximum spacing between posts? 8′
How much do the 2x4s used with the guardrails need to overlap?   The 2x4s should overlap at least 6 inches inside one of the brackets on the guardrail post so that nails may be used to secure both boards. 
What kind of lumber should be used with the guardrail systems OSHA recomends “Wood components shall be minimum 1500 lb-ft/in(2) fiber (stress grade) construction grade lumber”.
Does it matter if the 2x4s are run vertically or horizontally?   Acro recommends that the 2x4s be run vertically.
Should the midrail and toprail lumber be on the inside or outside of the post?   Acro recommends that the posts be positioned that the brackets holding the lumber always be on the inside, facing away from the open edge 
What is a 12079 and what is it comprised of? Residentail Guardrail Starter Kit.  24×12070 & 16×12075
How many components are there in the 12060? 3: 12061-Plate, 12022-boot (post holder) & 12055-post
How can I climb on my roof safer? Climbing on a roof more safely can easily be achieved by using one of Acro’s ladder accessories.  Home owners will find the 11082 ladder hook an invaluable tool for providing a climbing surface on the roof.  Professionals may prefer the versatility and ease of use of Acro’s Chicken ladder system.
How many ladder hooks do I need per ladder?   Just one of Acro’s reinforced ladder hooks is required per ladder.
Why is a swivel head helpful on the ladder hook? Fits in valleys and other hard to reach areas
How many 6′ sections of the chicken laddercan be combined onto 1 hook 4
Why would a “padding kit” be necessary for a chicken ladder? To prevent scratching on metal roofs
What are the “3 Postions” where Acro’s Ladder Stand-off can be used? On the corner, under the eave and even on the roof
How far does the stand-off postion the ladder away from the wall? Adjustable, from 22″ to 29″
How does the stand-off attach to the ladder? Simply clip onto ladder and attach chain to rung above.
What can I stand on when installing solar panels? Solar panel & shingle Installers have found both the Johnny Jack Material Staging System & the Chicken Ladder System invavluable tools for both staning on & staging material on steep slopes
What’s the best roof bracket for Decra or interlocking shingles? Acro’s Johnny Jack system allows for working and staging material eaaily for interlocking material by attaching to the roof further up and allowing for working space clearance
Why would I want a 19″ Roof Bracket Contractor (or 19″ brackets) allow for greater clearance between the 2×6 used for standing and staging material and the bottom of the shingle they are interleaved with.
What are the common degrees of roof brackets 45, 60 and 90 degrees
What is the clearance under the Johnny Jack Bars 5.5″ x 6′
Why is the base padded on the Johnny Jack To distribute weight and prevent scratching of metal schingles
What is the tounge used for on the 19600 The tounge is used to interleave with the shingles and then to attach the adjustable bracket base to
What is the number one job wall scaffolding is used for Truss setting
To create an OSHA Compliant wall scaffold platform what components are needed 12048, 12056 (12055 & 12022).  Edged must be protected either by going around the building or with 10140
What is the purpose of the over the plate hanger for the wall scaffold system?  Is it necessary? Optional way to secure the wall scaffold bracker by hanging over the top sil plate of the wall header
What holds the majority of the wall scaffold systems weight A J-bolt clamping to a verical wall stud or structural member