Safety Guardrail Systems

Fall prevention is the best form of protection, and with Acro’s temporary fall protection for roofing & construction trades, you won’t find a better solution to protect your business against the tragedy of falls on the job. Our safety guardrail systems meet OSHA regulations without a harness. Acro safety guardrails are the most economical and provide the lowest liability, do not require lines or ropes for tangles, do not require training, adjustments or personalized fittings, and covers everyone, regardless of discipline or training.

According to OSHA’s Website: In general, it is better to use fall prevention systems, such as guardrails, than fall protection systems, such as safety nets or fall arrest devices, because they provide more positive safety means.

Acro Has Safety Solutions For Every Environment (Commercial & Residential)

Passive Fall Protection / Fall Prevention Products (PDF)
OSHA Residential Fall Protection Change (PDF)
Why Guardrails are Best (PDF)